We are based in the city of Lanarca. Our passion for tourism makes us deal with what we believe most. The need to develop the hospitality of tourists into an organized special experience for every visitor coming to our country. Our involvement in tourism gives us new ideas every day, which we try to capture, analyze, plan and implement. One of our actions is to take over your property, the management of your rooms, or your villa, with services and personal assistance! 

Our goal is to help you utilize your property with the greatest benefit for you and for us. 

We provide comprehensive property management solutions and believe that our cooperation is based on trust and mutual benefit. The more you earn, the more we earn. But what really makes us stand out is the fact that we treat each project as a separate and special challenge.

Our goal is to be able to help you make your property, room, apartment, or villa a pleasant experience!

After a detailed and analytical discussion with you, comes the analysis of the market prices near your property and the target pricing of your own property.

Next is the registration of your property on social networking platforms, etc. The complete management of your property, includes communication with guests, monitoring of payments, continuous communication and information of the owner.

You can call us to arrange a meeting so that we can make a first assessment of your property, as well as how we can work together, proposing solutions and ideas. Our company Inacox Ltd started with a lot of passion and appetite for work. Our goal is to be able to serve you responsibly and create a relationship of trust with you, in the context of good communication and cooperation.

We wish to build a clientele of satisfied guests, who will prefer our accommodation and visit us every summer, again and again, whether it is couples or family holidays, your facilities, while significant goal is to provide them with such experience, so that they unreservedly recommend us to friends.

We wish to offer exceptional services from our heart. We are here to create the best memories by understanding and responding to all requests. We promise to do our best to satisfy wishes and offer 24/7 (24 hours a week) service.

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